RAVE to Save the Planet!

Who is Wiva Kahu?

plurthtv Jan 10, 2019

Yo what up fam! I'm Kahu

I am a raver just like YOU.

My first rave was EDC 2010 in Los Angeles!!

Were you there too by chance!?

Or have you been to a massive like EDC before?

That experience inspired me to make raving the center of my life.

Fast forward 8 years and here we are!

Now I'm a professional music producer and DJ, I run my own clothing company called PLURTH, and I LOVE helping other creative people and entrepreneurs pursue their passions!

What struggles are standing in the way of living your best life?? Let us know in the comments!

... and Please share this video with your friends!

Music: Plurthlings - ID (Unreleased)

#PlurthTV 005

Group: Plurth Fam

Instagram @plurthlings

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