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Welcome to Our Digital Music Festival Resort — the world's most EPIC Theme Park for RAVERS!

We're proud to present the uniquely immersive PLURTH Music Festival Resort Experience. Right now it's digital-only but with your support, we dream of building these properties all over the world. Join us on this transformative journey from the virtual to the tangible, as we work towards crowdfunding eco-conscious, real-world resorts that echo the vibrant spirit and sustainable ethos of our digital haven.

Inspired by the global evolution of music festivals and social media interaction, our spaces offer a blend of auditory luxury and a sense of communal engagement. As the only digital music festival resort featuring an expansive virtual views and interactive areas, each guest creates their own private oasis with our rich soundscapes and visually stunning virtual rooms.

We designed this concept with RAVERS of all kinds in mind; whether you're a newcomer or an old-school veteran — PLURTH is a RAVER HAVEN for YOU!



Sustainability Lifestyle Superstars!

Explore our mission and community below:

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Remember, in the world of digital luxury, your imagination is the only limit. Enjoy the journey.

Monthly Groovy Guest Rooms and Yearly Rhythm Resident Accommodations Available

Superfan Studio

Enter the immersive Superfan Studio Guest Room, your curated universe of content and virtual activities. Unwind in the lounge, explore your multimedia library, and marvel at panoramic views of the digital landscape.


Ambassador Suite

Experience the luxury of the Ambassador Suite, offering a balance of solitude and community. Flow between your content library, networking lounge, and private virtual spaces, all against the backdrop of a stunning digital expanse.


Visionary Villa

Step into your digital utopia with the Visionary Villa, boasting an expansive multimedia garden and a private pool of interactive experiences. Soak up the scenery on your digital sundeck, and let your imagination roam in this limitless digital fantasy.




Experience the vibrant digital festival scene in our refreshed virtual rooms, where unique design and mesmerizing digital landscapes are the backdrop to your immersive journey.

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Our community unites ravers who thrive on healthy lifestyles with sustainability advocates who love to party. We believe the best way to embody PLUR (an acronym that means Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) is to make daily commitments towards creating a better world - both at raves and beyond the festival walls! We added two more principles to upgrade into PLURTH:

The 6 Principles of Our Community:


We believe that art and music are the universal language of a planet of PEACE.


The infinite LOVE of nature inspires us to help expand consciousness for the enjoyment of all.


We live to create experiences of UNITY that bring people together with waves of positive emotion.


We RESPECT all life forms by focusing our collective energy towards more sustainable resources.


We follow the guiding light of TRUTH, leading us towards a more benevolent world.


HARMONY is the key that unlocks the portal, connecting us to our ideal paradise today.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythm of our eco-raver community, a pulsating hub of artists, fans, and dreamers. We are here to ignite creativity, foster connections, and facilitate the journey to time, location, and financial freedom. Our member experience is designed to build authentic and meaningful relationships themed around music, wellness, sustainability, and the celebration of life. PLURTH's programming balances global connectivity with a strong sense of local community, offering regular activations in our digital space.


Discover how to unlock more time for your passions. Our workshops and resources will guide you on managing your schedule effectively, so you can dive into the creative pursuits you love.


Experience the welcoming atmosphere of our community, a judgement-free environment where artists and fans collaborate, inspire, and create. Find your creative home with us.


Set out on your journey towards financial freedom. Learn crucial skills from our webinars and virtual classes, and explore the tools you need to build your automated financial future.


Immerse yourself in our virtual wellness experiences. From mindfulness sessions to digital yoga retreats, restore balance and tranquility to your life.


Learn from the masters of the craft. Join live sessions with our resident DJs and music producers, perfect your skills, and discover new techniques in these interactive classes.


Engage in our sustainability workshops. Learn more about our planet, sustainable lifestyles, and how we can make a difference through our everyday actions.


Meet the creative powerhouses behind PLURTH - Kahu and Monsoon. Fueled by a shared passion for the vibrant world of dance music and a fervent desire to inspire positive change, they've made it their mission to revolutionize the industry. Through captivating performances, transformative music, and trailblazing sustainability initiatives, they're not just bringing the fun back to dance music - they're shaping its future.

Ready to learn more about the visionaries spearheading the PLURTH movement?

Discover Our Journey

Ready to Level-Up Your Creative Journey?  

Our resort isn't just a haven for relaxation and entertainment. It's also a hub where artists and businesses can learn, grow, and level-up with us. Now, explore our popular coaching and consulting experiences crafted specifically for you.

Browse Coaching Upgrades

Sonic Sanctum

Immerse yourself in a customized coaching program designed to elevate your music creation and promotion skills. With one-on-one video sessions and lifetime access to our archives, you'll learn from the seasoned duo, Monsoon and Kahu, to craft your unique sound.



Creative Academy

Empower your creative career with the skills and tools necessary for success. Learn from our proven methods and establish your own fanbase subscription model, turning your artistic passions into a profitable venture.


Expert Oasis

Gain personalized insights from industry professionals, Monsoon and Kahu, in Mastermind video consulting calls. We'll not only answer your questions but also help streamline your online marketing strategy for business acceleration.


What to expect at PLURTH?

PLURTH is more than just a virtual resort - it's a thriving, vibrant community designed to bring together ravers who care about sustainability and leading a healthy lifestyle. Here, you can live your best life, backed by a community that shares your passions and values. Why wait? Start living the rave dream sustainably today with PLURTH!

Immersive Music

Experience a musical journey like no other, with original tracks and livestreams from Plurthlings.

Global Community

Connect with ravers from around the world, in our Discord channel and Team Lounge.

Sustainability Focus

Join a community that cares about the environment as much as you do, with sustainability-focused initiatives and content.



Our Most Popular Guest Room

😻 Access to the Team Lounge

💬 Access to the top-secret PLURTH App!

📅 Monthly Livestream Hang-Outs with Plurthlings

✌🏽 Hassle-Free Cancel Anytime from Your Profile Dashboard

+ so much more!

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Your Membership is an Unlimited Pass to Adventure


By becoming a SUPERFAN STUDIO member, you gain an all-access pass to our myriad of adventure portals. It's an exciting journey through rave music, sustainable action, and fun-filled online and offline events centered around PLURTHLINGS concerts and livestreams. As our community grows, we'll continue adding engaging lifestyle courses, ensuring there's always something new for you.

What are people saying about PLURTH?

Don't just take our word for it. See what our raving fans have to say about their experience at PLURTH:

Kitty Kakez

5 Star Review - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"I think it's absolutely awesome that we can combine something we love while saving the planet one step at a time! It's tragic what us humans have done to our own home and animals! But, we can slowly dance our way to a cleaner world! Win win!!!”

Daniel J.

5 Star Review - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Awesome Vibez, great mentors, and very inspirational people! 😊”

Selena B.

5 Star Review - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Been vibing like crazy hard to their jams all week, and my love for them is only growing with time. 💕✨ Just waiting for my chance to see them in Oklahoma or somewhere close. Fingers crossed! Much PLUR to all! 💜✌🏽🦄💛”

Chris C.

5 Star Review - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"These are two of the most kind and fun-spirited human beings I know, I'm blessed to call them friends and I can't wait to see how they change the Electronic world for the better! One Love, One PLURTH!”

Amber Nicole R.

5 Star Review - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"The music. The vision. The message it sends to the world. All things I love. Keep doing what your doing. Spread PLURTH everywhere you go.”

Ready to join a digital RAVER haven that harmonizes your love for music with planet-friendly vibes? 

PLURTH's Team Lounge is all about connecting you with like-minded music lovers from around the globe. For only $2.22/month, you can become part of our journey and contribute to the beat. No matter where you are, PLURTH brings the rave to you.

Sign up today and start grooving with us.

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PLURTH Music Festival Resort Grand Opening

Feb 22, 2024

Unleashing Rave Pop: Plurthlings' Revolutionary Mixtape Debuts

Feb 22, 2024

Meant to Be LP - First Listen

Nov 11, 2022

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Experience the Future of Live Shows at the PLURTH Vortex Arena Dome!

Experience an immersive concert like never before in our flagship PLURTH Dome, set to be the world's largest Monolithic Dome. Step into a fully interactive 360-degree visualizer megastructure, where the walls and floors transform into a mesmerizing blend of light, color, and sound.

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W Aspen Resident DJs

Plurthlings are officially mainstays at the W Hotel in Aspen, Colorado for both summer pool parties and the winter Après Ski lounge.

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deadmau5 Finalists!

Plurthlings made it to the top 5 of the mau5trap and Masterclass New Artist Competition with their break beat "Love Who You Are" vocal track.

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Rave Revival Winners!

Plurthlings won the Tommie Sunshine x Disco Fries original song challenge presented by Splice and Kiloheartz with their "Tech Yes!" house track.

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Sir Ivan Mega Mix Winners!

Plurthlings won the DJ mix competition for the legendary singer Sir Ivan and judged by Paul Oakenfold, Bassjackers, DJs from Mars, and more!

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Seattle Hempfest Headliners

The legendary Seattle Hempfest Music Festival featured Plurthlings as the Sunday headliner on the mainstage during a beautiful sunset on the beach.

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Personalize Your Digital Experience

Take a moment to explore all the immersive experiences and unrivaled amenities that await you within our digital domain. Begin planning and reserving activities now to make the most of your time in our digital resort!

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Exceptional Service, At Your Fingertips

At PLURTH, our commitment to delivering a seamless, top-notch experience is second to none. Whether you need technical support or have a burning inquiry at any hour, our dedicated team is always ready to assist. Click the "Support" button and let us cater to your needs - because at PLURTH, we believe in turning challenges into solutions.

BIO-DIVERSITY MATTERS: P.A.W. (Protecting All Wildlife)

Championing Harmony with Nature

We're not just a digital community for humans - we welcome and respect all forms of life at PLURTH. From advocating for environmental sustainability to promoting awareness about biodiversity, we believe in co-existing with nature in the digital space. As part of our community, you too become a guardian of Earth's diverse flora and fauna. And yes, your pets are most welcome here!

Shaping a Sustainable Future with Music and Innovation

At PLURTH, we harmonize beats with sustainability, pioneering solutions that tackle climate change while enhancing our raver community's experience. Discover how we integrate cutting-edge technology like Vertical Gardens and Monolithic Domes into our digital resort, creating an echo of a greener, more abundant future.

Learn More

Ready to Begin Your Unforgettable Journey at PLURTH?

Your adventure into the world of music, creativity, sustainability, and unforgettable experiences is just one click away! Join PLURTH and become a part of a community that doesn't just listen to the beat, but lives it. Dive deep into our music and lifestyle courses, connect with fellow ravers, and make a difference to the planet while having the time of your life.

As a PLURTH member, you will get exclusive access to our concerts and events, coaching programs, and a chance to interact with our founders and resident artists. Step into a world where the party never ends, and every beat is a step towards a greener future. Let's create a symphony of change, one rave at a time.

So why wait? Click the button below and become a part of PLURTH today! This isn't just another subscription - it's your ticket to a whole new way of living. Start your journey now.

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