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After 24 collective years in the music industry, we could probably write a book on all the challenges and pitfalls to avoid. That’s why we created PLURTH.com to be a resource for creatives and artists that are involved in all the facets of the greater rave music scene to overcome these obstacles together.

Our Story


We met while attending Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. We've been working together, making music & art, since 2010! That summer we met through mutual friends on a road trip to EDC Los Angeles from Arizona State University in Tempe.

That was definitely a defining moment for both of us on our creative journey. I just remember standing in the USC stadium, wondering how I didn’t know that this (raving) was a thing. How did it take me 20 years living on Earth to figure that out?

The energy from all the other ravers was something we had never felt before. Everything from the lights to the music to the performers walking around was so beautiful and we wanted to be immersed in this sort of environment forever!

We looked around and saw that raving was so much more than just the music… It’s a community, it’s the rave outfits, it’s the Kandi, it’s the lasers and the lights but what does it all mean? What does it stand for? Where is it going?

That’s when we both had an epiphany to combine music with fashion in order to fund sustainable projects and be an influencer of positive change. We were so inspired by these experiences that we put our thinking caps on and tried our best to figure out how to stay in this world forever.

When we got back from EDC, we were inseparable, always making music and working on DJ mixes.

In 2012, we finally decided to work together as a duo, but it wasn’t until 2016 when we went back to EDC’s Las Vegas 20th anniversary festival. That’s when we realized we wanted to represent everyone from the hardcore ravers to the first-time festival-goers and spread PLUR as best we can to all EARTHLINGS. 

We wanted a name that all ravers could identify with; thus, that's when we became PLURTHLINGS.


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