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What could be SCARIER than Halloween?

dj mix holidays

With no events to play, Halloween is a bit more low-key for us this year. Is it for you too? But it doesn't have to be that way! Luckily, we have 7 years of ghoulish DJ mix videos to keep the vibe alive. Please enjoy and have a safe Halloween fam!

We aren't recording a mix this year, because we're working on something much scarier than Halloween ...

Climate change and figuring out a way for ravers to get back to our festivals and our friends from COVID as soon as possible! How? Make sure to be subscribed to our email list and stay vigilant for an upcoming transmission from the PLURTH Dimension. Getting this done now is more important than partying and we cannot wait to tell you more.

Are you excited to know more, but already down to support the cause? Great! We really appreciate you! If you want to help support the PLURTH Mission right now ... make sure to check out our hoodies and face mask Fall special on our store, where you can get the upcoming 'Dark Dominion' design and listen to an exclusive preview of our next album too!

Here's the full soundcloud playlist:

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