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*UPDATE - WE WON!!! Sir Ivan MegaMix Competition!

dj mix Jun 30, 2020

WE WON THE CONTEST FAM! Thank you for voting!!!

When the cosmic phone rings ... you answer it.

A voice calls out to you ...

"This is Sir Ivan, and Welcome to La La Land."

Before you know it, a portal of sound opens through your ears into a new land of mystery, romance, and adventure. You're transported into a dimension where money grows on trees. It's a never-ending party like a fusion between Burning Man and Camelot. Keep reading for the full tracklisting below ...

But the plot thickens when an all-knowing oracle appears and prophesizes that you only have 24 hours to enjoy this utopian party world. She says that the key to being able to stay is for you to Live for Today.

Suddenly, we're introduced to our mentor and superhero! Sir Ivan aka "Peaceman" is here to guide you into this exotic new land ...

That's exactly how we felt when we learned about this amazing contest from one of the most intriguing and inspiring individuals on the planet ... Sir Ivan!

We entered our brand new DJ mix into Sir Ivan's MegaMix challenge. We would greatly appreciate you giving it a listen and a favorite on mixcloud.

When you favorite this mix (make sure you have a mixcloud account), you help us get into the top 20, so judges like Paul Oakenfold and DJs From Mars will be reviewing our music! How exciting right?!

Winning this contest could really help our community here at make an important connection with a Billboard Top 10 artist.

You're an essential part of this community.

The challenge was to make a DJ mix with at least 18 of his songs from his discography. After watching several of his videos to get a sense of his overall vibe, we felt like we needed to go above and beyond to properly showcase his music. We also wanted to properly express his life mission of being the "Champion to the Underdog" with our choice of songs and putting them in a specific order to tell his story.

While watching these videos we discovered a ton of other amazing remixes of his music from respected names like Wideboys, Marc Stout, and Papercha$er. We got to work, listening through every single song he has ever released, especially enjoying the ones from legends like Paul Oakenfold, DJs from Mars, FORD, Christopher Lawrence, and Dave Aude.

Then after raiding his discography on Amazon, Beatport, and Juno Download, we were ready to hit the studio. Overall, we made 9 VIP edits and mashups of his tracks beyond what was required for the contest. The songs were a lot of fun to work with and we did our best to bring out the most rave mainstage material with a little blend of Ibiza pool party vibes too.

The best part is that we share similar visions and motivations in our music. PLURTH is a place very similar to La La Land, if not different words for the same place, utopia. A place where peace, love, unity, and respect are the truth that creates harmony. PLURTHLINGS is all about the RAVE to SAVE the PLANET.

We greatly admire and respect his charity work with the Peaceman Foundation, including donations to the Rave Recovery Fund. We've been bullied throughout our lives, as many are, and it's cool to see someone like Sir Ivan investing in people's futures.


To celebrate, we're uploading all of our previous DJ mixes to Mixcloud this week too!

We only need 100 plays and 10 or so favorites to make it into the top 20.


Expect us to start ramping up ... 2020 has definitely changed our trajectory, but we're coming back better than ever!

Click over to our Mixcloud to vote with a favorite:

Press Kit:

 Read the original contest announcement for all the info and rules on Sir Ivan's website: 


Plurthlings - On Shrooms (Original Instrumental)

Sir Ivan - La La Land (Rosabel x Papercha$er Club Remix) [Plurthlings VIP Edit]

Sir Ivan - Live For Today (Buzz Junkies Club Remix)

Sir Ivan - I Am Peaceman (Riddler x JayMac x Disco Killerz & Liquid Todd Club Mix) [Plurthlings VIP Edit]

Plurthlings - Keep It Fresh (Original Instrumental)

Sir Ivan - San Francisco (John Kano Club Mix) [Plurthlings VIP Edit]

Sir Ivan - San Francisco (FORD Club Mix)

Sir Ivan - Imagine (Wideboys Club Mix)

Sir Ivan - Imagine (Marc Stout Vocal Club Mix)

Sir Ivan - For What It’s Worth (Dave Aude Electro Club Mix) [Plurthlings VIP Edit]

Plurthlings - Tech Yes! (Original Instrumental)

Sir Ivan - Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye ft. Taylor Dayne (Paul Oakenfold x Marc Stout Club Mix) [Plurthlings VIP Edit]

Sir Ivan - Hare Krishna (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg x DJ Aqeel x Hoxton Whores Club Remix) [Plurthlings VIP Edit]

Sir Ivan - Turn Turn Turn (Papercha$er Club Mix) [Plurthlings VIP Edit]

Sir Ivan - Peace On Earth (Jason Nevins Club Mix)

Sir Ivan - Love Is All Around (DJs From Mars Club Mix)

Sir Ivan - Blowin In The Wind (Smash Mode Club Mix)

Sir Ivan - Happy Together (DJs From Mars Club Mix)

Sir Ivan - Here Comes The Sun (Baggi Begovic Club Mix)

Sir Ivan - Get Together (Chris Cox Club Mix)

Light Reactive - Faced (Original Mix) [Produced by Plurthlings]

Plurthlings - Kandi Flip (Original Mix)

Sir Ivan - Eve of Destruction (Riddler Club Mix) [Plurthlings VIP Edit]

Sir Ivan - Kumbaya x In The Year 2525 (Christopher Lawrence x Tony Moran & Warren Rigg x Eric Kupper x Obama x Maurizio Ruggiero Club Remix) [Plurthlings VIP Edit]

Plurthlings - Popcorn (Original Instrumental)

Sir Ivan - Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye ft. Taylor Dayne (Bobby Puma Club Mix)


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