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NEW SONG: Panda Ruckuz 🐼



"All of the girl dem wine up ya waist!" - We love this sample we found of the Ragga Twins vocals buried deep in a random sample pack. However, the true inspiration for this track is a bit weirder than that ...

This song is named after one of Kahu's stuffed animals. He's a panda named Ruckuz.

He thought that it would be cool if we made him a song. He told us to make some reggae dancehall meets twerk and glitch-hop because pandas love that kind of music.

Something like Major Lazer, Henry Fong, Dillon Francis, or even a little LSDREAM.

Ruckuz told us to switch it up from the house music for this one.


One of the cool underlying elements of this track is the Shepherd's tone used as an infinite riser during the builds ... it just keeps going and going! This is because we watched an intriguing video the same day about how Hans Zimmer used the same effect in his score for 'Dunkirk'. We decided to give it a go and apply it to something totally off the charts and unexpecting like this moombahton-meets-twerk-glitch-hop-dancehall record you hear today.

We're very excited to share this new track with you! It will be out on all platforms on Friday, November 1st.


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