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New Year Challenge: Day 1 - Improve Your Water

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Today we start day one of the PLURTH New Year Challenge, which is a jump start program on preparing for 2021 while it's still December 2020.

I've spent many years attempting the whole "new year's resolutions" ... and I always get swept up in the events of the new year, failing to keep consistent. This time, I'm starting early and I am challenging you to do the same. Let's develop those healthy habits that take us into 2021 with the momentum we need to keep going.

We'll be sharing one tip everyday for maximizing your festival lifestyle.

If we all want to manifest raves and festivals to make a comeback ... WE must make the comeback first. Let's show the universe how much we want to dance in festival fields again by getting ready now!

Let's start with a refresher course on the basics.

Today we're talking about water.

It's one of the most important building blocks of life.

The Earth is approximately 70% water and we're no exception!

Humans are primarily made up of water too, yet most of us are extremely dehydrated and our skin or hair is feeling dry AF (especially during winter time).

Without water, you cannot party ... or really do anything tbh.

That's why the first tip is all about fixing this issue before anything else because our entire livelihoods depend on the quality of water we receive daily. This gets even more difficult when we live in cities with bad water or hard water only.

What do we do?

Well, the answer is to utilize alkaline filters whenever possible. Why alkaline? We'll be going over that in tomorrow's tip. But for now, here are some easy to implement ways that you can tune up your water and hydration levels:

1. Drinking Water

Did you know that tap water has harmful contaminants that contribute to illnesses like chlorine, trihalomethanes, organic and inorganic arsenic, mercury, lead, pesticides, and herbicides? Getting a high-quality water filter can reduce all these problems by 99%. We have personally used these New Wave Enviro Filters for over a decade now and they have always worked great. You can get one in an easy-to-setup pitcher or a more permanent faucet installation. However, I'm also interested in trying out this new under-sink filter system from WaterDrop, since it also filters out fluoride. These filters all retain the good minerals you would want to have in your drinking water.

New Wave Alkaline Pitcher Filter

New Wave 10-Stage Filtration System

WaterDrop Filtration System

2. Shower Water

Just like drinking water, you don't want to be showering with all these crazy toxins either. The main culprit here is chlorine because heat can turn it into a toxic gas (that was used in WWI warfare); thus, you definitely want to protect your hair, skin, and eyes from this chemical. That's why I recommend the New Wave Enviro Products Shower Filter or the Rainshower version. I have been using these for about the same time as the faucet filter. One time I switched to the Rainshower because the New Wave one was sold out a couple of years ago so I have used that as well. The first time you use a shower filter is like taking a shower for the first time again too! It feels like a fresh mountain waterfall in the summertime! You definitely need to try this to believe it.

New Wave Shower Filter

3. Liquid IV

Once your water is nicely filtered for drinking or showering, how do you maximize the hydration level? Because we all know that tap water doesn't necessarily have all the electrolytes and minerals we need to survive with optimal hydration. That's where Liquid IV comes into play. You can make sure that you're getting all the proper essential minerals and vitamins by simply drinking water. And yes, for everyone out there that doesn't particularly like the taste of water (being too neutral I guess?) ... well Liquid IV absolutely tastes great, no matter what flavor you pick. I've tried them all and they are all wonderful tasting.

The first time I learned about Liquid IV was from my mom ... and mom definitely knows best!

Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier

Cleaning up your own personal water supply with filtration is my number one tip for living a better lifestyle. EVERYTHING begins with water, including raving!

You can get all of these epic products that we recommend from our Amazon-linked marketplace of only the best ... PLURThings.com

What do you do to ensure an optimal level of hydration throughout your day? Please comment below and let us know!


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