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NEW SONG: Nuff Said ūüíö

music Oct 25, 2019

Do you talk with your energy?

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This is what acid-techno and bass-house mixed from the mile-high perspective of Denver, Colorado sounds like. "Nuff Said" is the quintessential song for fans of the glitch-hop-influenced house music, known as Colorado Techno, from hometown producers, Plurthlings.

We didn't know that Stan Lee's favorite phrase to say was "Nuff Said" until after we made this song. To us, that makes this jam even more special ...

Stream the song here:

Last March, right before we went out to Miami Music Week for WMC and Ultra, we produced this track called "Nuff Said"

After we got back home to Denver, the next month we saw "Avengers Endgame", like most people in the world.

We were stunned when we saw the bumper sticker on Stan Lee's car cameo in the movie:

It was a special moment and that's when we knew we had to release this song.

Brooke, Kahu, and I all looked at each other in the theater right after this scene.

When I got home from the movie, I started researching the symbolism and found out that Stan Lee was famous for always saying this exact catchphrase. 

It was super cool to know that we randomly found this retro vocal sample and somehow spelled it the same exact way.

We're very excited to share this new track with you! It will be out on all platforms on Friday, October 25th. Look out for the full "Colorado Techno EP" soon ....

You might be wondering where the EP is today? Well, we're spending a bit more time on the artwork to make some extremely cool merchandise and make our debut EP extra special. We will be keeping everyone updated when the new release date goes live for the exclusive "Colorado Techno" clothing line.

TODAY is also KAHU's epic PLURTH-DAY BIRTHDAY, so make sure to leave him a comment with some positive vibes.

I think one of the reason's that this song means a lot to me is because it's super simple, fun, and upbeat. But the meaning behind the words "Nuff Said" for me relates to when I first met Kahu.

I told him my ideas to bring music and sustainability together and RAVE to SAVE the world and he was the only person that without hesitation responded to me:

"Nuff Said"

10 years later, we have both put in tens of thousands of hours of work into the vision and into the PLURTH projects and mission.

I am very grateful for everything he has ever done for me and the value he adds to my life. That's the coolest part ... is that we are both willing to do this for you as well. Make sure to get a sneak preview of this at 

2020 is really our make-it-or-break-it year and we need your support now more than ever. Together, Kahu and I have thought of some EPIC ways that we can help our PLURTH fam out and grow together as a community. We're going to be sharing these updates throughout the holiday season.

Subscribe and stay tuned in - and please blast our music from all rooftops!

WEAR this song, STREAM, or DOWNLOAD here.


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