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NEW SONG: Keep It Fresh


Are you feeling that Colorado Techno love on this track?

Plurthlings are paying tribute to the land of Red Rocks and the Bass Capital of the world with this bass house meets funky breaks jam. A very crucial sample voices the opinion of every music lover's connection with the artists on stage and the beautiful venues that they fill with positive energy.

We're very excited to share this new track with you! It will be out on all platforms on Friday, October 11th. Look out for the "Colorado Techno EP" on October 25th, 2019. Enjoy this extra-special deluxe edition EP with Original Mix, Dynamic Mix, Studio Acapella, and Instrumental.

Several years ago, we entered an Instagram contest for Pretty Lights. What he said to us changed our lives forever ...

But before we get to that story, our new song "Keep It Fresh" comes out today.

This song is very special to us because it connects our funky house music sound with that Colorado vibe that artists like Pretty Lights first established.

For the contest, we made 6 custom videos with our remix of PL's "Around the Block" (you might've heard this in some of our live DJ mixes).

When we were notified that he commented and liked each video, it changed our lives ...

This is what he said:

He was the first major artist to ever acknowledge our grind. 

It still inspires us that one day we'll be able to stand in the same studio as the legend himself making funky bass jams with live bands and analog synthesizers.

That's why we chose the vocal sample in our new song "Keep It Fresh" ... can you guess where it's from originally?

And yes, it's also why we decided to name the song "Keep It Fresh" ... because we would say that is the Pretty Lights Music motto.

Moments like these have kept us making music relentlessly for so many years now.

That's why we release a new song now every single Friday.

Might as well call it "Keep it Fresh" Fridays from here on out.

We would like to make this the foundation of our record label too and all the artists on it.

New music, every week, always keepin' it fresh!

But in order to do that, it takes planning, marketing, and lots of manhours of creative work of trial and error.

That's why we have created this website to develop a community around the creative work that goes into the raving culture.

We hope that you'll join us and support our cause of music, rave fashion, and sustainability.

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