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Kahu and I go in-depth with PLURTH Member Chris Collins in our first mastermind session.

Right now, Chris is one of our only Intrepid members, and he is truly reaping the rewards of this membership. We spent 3 hours on the call with him (edited down to less than 2 hours for your playback) and he was able to ask a ton of awesome questions about his music production and his career in the creative arts.

He is a great example of how we are building a diverse and fun community here at PLURTH, he's currently studying at Medical School to be a legit DOCTOR?! Can you imagine, he could be listening to his own beats while in the operating room sometime soon in the future.

Remember, in our masterminds you can ask us anything about more than just music production, marketing, social media, diet, shuffling, partying, and so much more.

Please join us tomorrow in our second mastermind (one per week at least), where we will break apart the entire new template we made after this first mastermind. We were so inspired to update our template, so watch out for that on splice this weekend.

In this first video, here are all the topics we covered:

  • Splice.com - Setting up and getting started
  • Sonarworks - Why you need this plugin more than any other
  • Masteringthemix.com - Simplified mixing/mastering advice
  • Choosing the best name for your creative project
  • Building a Slamming Beat with FX for movement
  • Using locators in the arrangement
  • Setting up your producing template
  • Difference between drum racks and channels
  • Finishing the song
  • Choosing a top kick
  • Using LFO Tool as a group bus sidechain
  • Creating explosive drops that deliver magical results

To put this in perspective, we usually charge $100/hr each for advising artists and businesses. This membership is only $10/month for 4 masterminds (1 per week). We are doing this because we really want to help other ravers past the creative speedbumps that we've encountered doing this for years. We'll probably go anywhere from 1-3 hours each session. We'll always provide the playbacks for FREE though because we want you to be living your best life ALWAYS, no matter where you're at in the journey.

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