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NEW SONG: Lazer Dabs ⚡️


WEAR this SONG, STREAM, or DOWNLOAD here: go.plurth.com/lazerdabs

It's a new week and you know what that means! Time for a brand new track from our record label, PlurthONEarth Media.

Are you a product of the stars split between dreams?

Dave Nada invented moombahton almost exactly 10 years ago. Story has it that he got asked to DJ his cousins high school skipping day party. All the teenagers were raging to reggaeton and all he had at the time were crazy rave Dutch house bangers to play. So he slowed down the house music halfway to meet the reggaeton speed on the turntables. The first track happened to be Afrojack's remix of "Moombah" and thus, moombahton was born. After all the high schoolers went absolutely mental to the new blend of beats, Nada decided to develop an the world's first moombahton EP.

Under the previous name of Lightning EyeZ, we were early adopters into the moombah massive movement that he started. At one point he called us the "Spirit of Moombahton" after getting to play on of his events at UStreet Music Hall in Washington DC.

Since then, the genre has gone on to be streamed billions of times with songs like "Lean On" by Major Lazer and "One Dance" by Drake, but that original moombah vibe lives on in this new track "Lazer Dabs". Ten years later, here we are still carrying moombahton into the future.

We have always been heavily inspired by Dave Nada and Nadastrom, but also by the moombahcore side of things with Munchi, David Heartbreak, and then eventually Skrillex started producing it too.

Listen to "Lazer Dabs" here ...

We made this track back when we lived in downtown Denver and could hear all the sirens going by night and day. It was the perfect time to make some bangin' moombahton beats. When we got booked to play Seattle Hempfest this past August, it was a great moment to bring this track back up to speed because of all the ganja sample references.

We finally finished it and made sure the sub-bass was hittin' hard. Then we debuted it at Hempfest during sunset on the Puget waterfront. It was beautiful! The stoney reggae lyrics definitely were a hit at the festival.

We're very excited to share this new track with you! It will be out on all platforms on Friday, November 8th.

WEAR this SONG, STREAM, or DOWNLOAD here: go.plurth.com/lazerdabs

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