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🏙🎸 NEW SONG: Faded City

music Dec 05, 2019

Do you live in a faded city?

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This rockin' bluesy-influenced riddim dubstep track will have you headbanging all the way to festival season. After all, a music festival is kind of like a "Faded City". Put this song on repeat for the road trip and let the vocal phrase inspire you so nothing can stop you, not even yourself. Just make sure to stretch your neck before you break it!

The piano and guitar samples make this track stand out amongst all the bass-heavy tracks to choose from. Those crunchy riffs and smooth chord structures give it that melodic and harmonic musical content that most dubstep tracks lack. This is what riddim sounds like with a little bit of that Colorado soul. It's no wonder that Plurthlings made this track at their studio in Denver, Colorado - the ultimate "Faded City".

We're very excited to share this new track with you! It will be out on all platforms on Friday, December 6th. Enjoy this extra-special deluxe edition EP with Original Mix, Dynamic Mix, Studio Acapella, and Instrumental.

WEAR, STREAM, or DOWNLOAD this song here.



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