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EDM Thursdays in Denver? [The Church b2b BETA]

events vlog Jul 27, 2021

Last Thursday we went to Downtown Denver to experience the EDM scene between two of the most legendary venues. Most of the events on Thursday take place at The Church Nightclub. But since we’re playing BETA on July 29, we wanted to get a good comparison between the two nightclubs.

Our homies Crystal Vysion and NJOY were playing at The Church before Ekali played his Global Dance Music Festival pre-party, so we started there first. Both rocked the crowd and we had a lot of fun. We’ve seen some epic artists there over the years like Darren Styles and Yultron. But we’ve also seen many more at BETA, like Sub Focus, Krewella, and GRiZ. So we headed over there to check out Ragebot and hang with our buddy Nuclear Ninja, who booked us for the event on 7/29.

We got the opportunity to check out the freshly renovated BETA Event Center and we were actually VERY pleasantly surprised at how great the venue looks now! The lights and LED screens are fully immersive, the staff was friendly, and the Funktion One sound system is most definitely intact and slappin' the bass hard!

We’re so excited to be a part of the revival of this once legendary venue. We approached the situation very cautiously and most certainly had our own doubts going into it, but we kept an open mind and now see the silver lining. I know that there has been some drama that has gone down over the years with the transfer of ownership and such, but I definitely view it as an opportunity ... a blank canvas. It's time to move forward.

BETA is primed and ready to leave all that behind. The ravers and music lovers of this city can build something really special here. It's all about the people and the energy that we bring as a community that makes a special experience. We turn racetracks, warehouses, and parking lots into epicenters of entertainment, creativity, and togetherness. That's what it’s really all about at the end of the day.

BETA Event Center did not disappoint. I personally like that the DJ booth is not a hole in the wall anymore. It's out in the middle of the dance floor and it's elevated a little bit now. It’s a nice upgrade surrounded by the LEDs. BETA went through a process of rebirth and I'll let you know it's better than ever. I have so many great memories there but we're going to make so many more at the new BETA. It's a whole new game plan.

We're going to bring it back and we're going to bring it back for ravers, for people who just love EDM and dance music. That's what I always remember BETA to be. And that's how it's going to stay in the future. I think it's a great opportunity for us as the raver community to make it our own. There's new management and they're eager to turn it into a special experience for EDM fans. The lighting's better. The sound is just as good as it always has been. It's still got a great location in LoDo, and honestly, the patio seems to be better as well. It’s more open and more inviting. 

But don’t just take our word for it …

We want to see you there on Thursday, July 29th. Come check it out and create your own opinion.

I was surprised when I walked in through those doors and I was like, “wow, it's better than ever!”

I was thoroughly impressed. I'm willing to bet that if you come to check it out you'll be thoroughly impressed as well. It still has that instant curb appeal.

They turned it around and they're just ready for a new community to take it in as their own.

They're looking for a community of people to go in there and support the scene on Thursdays.

If we go in there and we tell them what we want, we tell them that we want dance music, and they will listen. Thursdays in Denver could be poppin’ off once again.

I'm ready to get back to raving. How about you? BETA was one of the number one clubs in all of North America and it can be again. When it was known as one of the best, it did not look as cool as it does now. All it needs is the people. All it needs is Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect from Ravers once again.

Let's get back to raving! Let's seize the opportunity that we have as a community to turn this piece of real estate into a place that we can call home again. A place where fun good vibes are present. We can do that if we do it together!

Conclusion: Both venues are awesome and upgraded since the lockdown. The Church got a whole new sound system and BETA is equipped with a huge immersive LED setup. The only thing BETA has lost over the years is the crowd due to some management changes and closures. But we invite you out on 7/29 to see for yourself!

I know that we’ll be club-hopping between these two venues for many years to come.

I hope to see you there this week for our event! Have a safe and fun weekend.

Much love

- Plurthlings

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