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deadmau5 Played Red Rocks with our Cat!


Wow! Today I woke up feeling so incredibly grateful for all of the amazing positivity in my life. Not only did I have an amazing birthday celebration with the people I love the most, but yesterday I got the opportunity to interact with someone I have looked up to for a LOOOONG time.

deadmau5 has been a huge inspiration throughout my entire journey as a creative person! His music and live performances are what originally inspired me to take the leap of faith and dive headfirst into being a full-time producer and performer.

Yesterday, I got the chance to meet him not once, but TWICE! I was sooo anxious and nervous to meet him 😱 But he couldn’t have been cooler and down to earth! We exchanged some jokes and he even happily signed the Mau5 head I got for my birthday!

Later that night, Brooke Allison and I got the chance to meet him just before his set at Redrocks Ampitheatre! We were so nervous because we had bought him a replica stuffed animal of his beloved cat Meowingtons.

It was such an awesome feeling to see his face light up when he realized that we were gifting him the cat as a present! We cleverly put a usb with our music attached to the collar and he was really cool about it and promised that he would check it out!

We said our goodbyes and went on our way back to our seats.

Then, things got really surreal later during the performance. A random girl from the crowd (who had seen us with the cat earlier in the night) freaks out and points out the cat who is laying next to Joel on his desk!! And he stayed there through the whole performance! Joel even interacted with the cat, gave him a shot and Lights even shouted out the cat! So the present we gave him with our love and energy spent the whole night on stage! Our music was on stage with one of the best performers on the planet at freaking Red Rocks!

I am beyond stoked, incredibly grateful and absolutely speechless!

- all the best, Kahu

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