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🏔🖤 NEW EP: Colorado Techno

music Nov 29, 2019

What's Colorado Techno? 

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Take a trip with Plurthlings and their psychedelic side-project, Light Reactive, through the surreal urban landscapes of Denver's bass-heavy and house-driven rave scene.

That's the theme of their collaborative debut EP, "Colorado Techno". After all, both Plurthlings and Light Reactive are duos formed by Kahu and Monsoon. Every single song on this record was meticulously produced in their Denver-based studio for release on their record label, PLURTH.

The album explores through trippy warehouses that exist only between the chords of 4 fun new housey tracks and 2 bonus techno bangers. Colorado Techno is a genre of music that they invented when searching for a new way to say rave in the Rocky Mountains.

But what does Colorado Techno sound like?

Think acid-techno and bass-house mixed from the mile-high perspective of Denver, the funky capital city of Colorado. When Kahu and Monsoon got in the studio for this they ended up writing 6+ tracks total in just a couple days.

"Nuff Said" is the quintessential song for fans of the glitch-hop-influenced house music. It's also the first track they wrote in this funky fresh new style.

The cheeky vocals and bouncing bassline of "On Shrooms" take the housey piano riffs and trips them back out to another dimension.

"Tech Yes!" was the song that they won first place in the Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries #RAVEREVIVAL Producer Challenge on Splice. This track has a nice acid progression, bouncing along to the vocal call-and-response between who's better ... Techno or EDM? That's exactly what this album seeks to answer for the listener.

With the next song, Plurthlings pay tribute to the land of Red Rocks and the Bass Capital of the world. The tech-house meets funky breaks jam of "Keep It Fresh" has a very crucial sample placed into the track's chorus. The echo on the rocks asks the audience, "Are you feeling that back right now?" This voices the opinion of every music lover's connection with the artists on stage and the beautiful venues that they fill with positive energy.

Monsoon and Kahu showcase the full-spectrum vibes of Colorado Techno by adding two bonus tracks from their psychedelic techno side-project, Light Reactive. These songs help communicate how Colorado Techno can start housey, but transform and mutate into darker and deeper styles of techno too.

"Medusa" is just as funky as the previous bass-house tracks. However, it's heavier acid-bassline and pounding drums take it farther into the portal.

The album grande finale is an 11-minute and 11-second techno journey called "Faced". This track is highlighted by fractal progressions and tribal rhythms.

PlurthONEarth Media is stoked to share this new EP with you! It will be out on all platforms on Monday, December 9th. Look out for all the single song deluxe EPs with Original Mix, Dynamic Mix, Studio Acapella, and Instrumental.

WEAR, STREAM, or DOWNLOAD this album here.


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