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Can One Book Change Your Life?

lifestyle Jul 22, 2020
This book has seriously changed my life! I started reading it earlier in the year when Spring started. I was on a specific path and the emergence of COVID threw a wrench in all my plans and put a huge delay on one of the projects that I was working on to level up my own income. I had to take a step back, pivot, and figure out the best way to navigate surviving financially through the pandemic. Yikes! 😱
Generally, I tend to fly through books and don’t retain a lot of the good information that is hidden inside. This time around, I wanted to be more methodical. I took my time reading and made sure to do all of the exercises just as they are described in the book. Wow. What a transformation my life has taken! I’m not even all the way to the end of the book and I am blown away by how great these insights are!
Thank you Jen Sincero for being such an awesome coach! I’m forever grateful we connected when we did! 😊
- Kahu

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