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☠️🔥 NEW SONG: Alone in the Dark

music Nov 29, 2019

Are you alone in the dark?

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That phrase echoes through this song like a haunted requiem, but the heavy bass drops redefine that solitude. "Alone in the Dark" is easily one of Plurthlings most raucous tunes yet. As the vocals build into a rave crescendo, a relentless riddim beat takes over and you have no choice but to start headbanging into the groove. No doubt that this track will be a bass festival favorite for many years.

The best part of this track is that you might start out all alone in the dark, but by the end of the song, you'll be dancing at raves with your new-found friends. We all start out alone, but we don't have to stay that way.

We're very excited to share this new track with you! It will be out on all platforms on Friday, November 29th.

WEAR, STREAM, or DOWNLOAD this song here.

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