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Aftermath at BETA is on the Horizon! ft. Blaize [Subsidia]

We're playing in Downtown Denver on Thursday, July 29th with the homies, Blaize, Daze Off, Life Pattern, and Crystal Vysion! Keep reading for 5% off tickets and a chance to win a $50 gift card from our store.
We're so excited and honored to announce that we're playing our first show since BEFORE Covid shut down the entire music industry! It has been one of the most challenging periods of our lives, but we're coming out of it better & stronger ... AND with TONS of new music!
Really excited to share all the new tunes with our awesome friends and fans! Huge shout out to Nuclear Ninja for repping and Nuclear OG for inviting us to be a part of this! Make sure to get there early to check out Crystal Vysion ... BLAIZE (on Excision's Subsidia Record Label) with Daze OFF and Life Pattern will be playing after us and late into the night. Both BLAIZE and Daze OFF are traveling in from San Antonio to blow up the speakers for us Colorado EDM fam!
Check out go.plurth.com/tour to sign up for our newsletter and get the 5% discount code on your event tickets. Everyone who sends us a screenshot of their tickets to confirm they're going will be entered to win a $50 gift card to our plurthlings.com clothing store!
Stoked to support Blaize, his new album is really fun to listen to, especially the collabs with Daze OFF. It's a concept album of dubstep vs. his house music alias Blasé (haha!). Can't wait to hear these tracks on those BETA Funktion Ones! Also his two tracks on Subsidia SLAP!
I also included some awesome tracks from Daze OFF, our most popular track "Faded City" and two DJ mixes from Crystal Vysion and Life Pattern to help get your pre-game grooving to the max! NOW PREPARE for the AFTERMATH!
Check all the music out below: 

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