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10 Years of PLURTH!

dj mix Jan 02, 2020

Wow has it really been 10 years of making music as a duo? Yes!

To celebrate, we had a small kickback for friends at our house and we played a freestyle set of all original music and remixes.

The first hour is heavy dubstep and riddim bass tracks, then into hardstyle, happy hardcore, glitch hop, and house music. To end the mix we transformed into our alter-egos, Light Reactive to close out with some psychedelic techno and trance. @lightreactive

Although we made a ton of songs between 2010-2013, we didn't get very good at making music until 2014, so we thought it would be cool to also list the years that we made all the songs in the tracklisting:

NYE 2020 Tracklist

Plurthlings - Heartspace (Intro) (2019)
Plurthlings - Alone in the Dark (2019)
Plurthlings - Hit Em* (2020)
Plurthlings - Been There (2020)
Plurthlings - Faded City (2019)
Plurthlings - No Mercy* (2020)
Plurthlings - Mystery (2020)
Plurthlings - Break Through (2017)
Plurthlings - System Bump (2020)
Plurthlings - LovEvolution (2018)
Plurthlings - Leaving Tomorrow* (2020)
Plurthlings - Wazzup (2020)
Plurthlings - Beyond Sketchy (2017)
Plurthlings - Cosmic Lion (2019)
Plurthlings - Champion* (2020)
Plurthlings - Indominus Rex (2015)
Plurthlings - T-Rex (2015)
Plurthlings - Kill Em With Kindness ft. Bonefish (2016)
Plurthlings - Slanguage (2017)
Plurthlings - These Are My People (2014)
Plurthlings - Zero Boundaries (2017)
Plurthlings - Pure Imagination (2015)
Plurthlings - Electrolytes (2014)
Plurthlings - Twist (2019)
Plurthlings - You Have My Key (2018)
Big Gigantic x Snails - Feel The Vibe (Plurthlings VIP Remix) (2018)
Major Lazer - Too Original ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell (Plurthlings VIP Remix) (2015)
Plurthlings - Dopestyle (2014)
Plurthlings - Wild Knights (2017)
NGHTMRE x Boombox Cartel - Aftershock (Plurthlings VIP Remix) (2015)
Marshmello - Alone (Plurthlings VIP Remix) (2016)
Gryffin & illenium - Feel Good ft. Daya (Plurthlings VIP Remix) (2018)
S3RL - Planet Rave ft. Renee (Plurthlings VIP Remix) (2018)
Plurthlings - Plant Bass Diet (2017)
Plurthlings - Hippie Hardcore (2017)
Plurthlings - Fountain of You (2018)
Plurthlings - Everybody* (2020)
Plurthlings - Light Up* (2020)
Plurthlings - Empathy (2020)
Plurthlings - Rock Like This (2020)
Plurthlings - Queen of the Night (2019)
Plurthlings - Headband (2017)
Plurthlings - Watermelon Trailz (2017)
Plurthlings - Summer Love (2017)
Plurthlings - Rave Fam (2017)
Plurthlings - Our Time (2018)
Plurthlings - Blotter (2019)
Plurthlings - Reel It In (2019)
Plurthlings - Tech Yes! (2019)
Plurthlings - Keep It Fresh (2019)
Light Reactive - Phenomenal (2019)
Light Reactive - Faced (2019)
Light Reactive - Keep Laughing (2017)
Light Reactive - Hippocrates (2016)
Light Reactive - Obsidian Contracts (2018)
Light Reactive - Medusa (2019)
Light Reactive - Triangulate (2019)
Light Reactive - Shaman (2019)
Mark Sixma - The Clock (Light Reactive VIP Remix)
Seven Lions - Days to Come ft. Fiora (Light Reactive VIP Remix) (2018)
The Greatest Showman - Never Enough ft. Loren Allred (Light Reactive VIP Remix) (2019)


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