Embark on a Sonic Odyssey with PLURTHLINGS: Where Pop Meets the Pulse of EDM

PLURTHLINGS is not just a musical act; it's a dynamic journey through the realms of pop and electronic dance music, crafted by the innovative duo Monsoon and Kahu. With a deep love for vinyl and the classics, they skillfully sample and fuse beloved tunes with pulsating EDM beats, creating an exhilarating experience that transcends genres.

As open-format DJs, PLURTHLINGS are masters of adaptation, seamlessly blending Big Room Mainstage Techno, House, Trance, Future Rave, Bass, and more to electrify any crowd and environment. Their performances are a celebration of diversity in music - a kaleidoscope of sounds that brings the fun back to the dance floor.

But it’s not just about the beats. Monsoon and Kahu are on a mission to 'be the change,' bringing their visionary ideas to life both in the studio and beyond. From energizing stages with their dynamic DJ sets to pioneering sustainable business concepts, they're dedicated to crafting a better world through the power of music.

Join the movement to create PlurthONEarth. Dive into the PLURTHLINGS universe and become part of a community where music, sustainability, and innovation converge. Discover more and join our PLUR raver community at PLURTH.com today!

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What's Colorado Techno? ...

Take a trip with PLURTHLINGS and their psychedelic techno side-project, LIGHT REACTIVE, through the surreal urban landscapes of Denver's bass-heavy and house-driven rave scene.

That's the theme of their collaborative debut EP, "Colorado Techno". The album explores through trippy warehouses that exist only between the chords of 4 fun new housey tracks and 2 bonus techno bangers. Colorado Techno is a genre of music that they invented when searching for a new way to say rave in the Rocky Mountains.

But what does Colorado Techno sound like?

Think acid-techno and bass-house mixed from the mile-high perspective of Denver, the funky capital city of Colorado.

The tech-house meets funky breaks jam of "Keep It Fresh" is the standout anthem from the EP.



Our most recent live performance from the Global Dance Music Festival afterparty.


We excel at providing on-theme holiday experiences. Check out this latest 10th anniversary of our Halloween DJ mix series:


We release our original music on our independent record label, PLURTH.


We build our websites, create visual content, and design rave fashion.


We live stream DJ, film social media videos, and produce movies.

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Would you RAVE to Save the Planet?

That's the primary mission for the creative force of nature known as PLURTHLINGS. The open format EDM duo is embodied by the two best friends and also hardcore ravers, Monsoon and Kahu. They produce festival anthems that tell the story of this epic journey into the future. They traveled here from a parallel dimension where PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, and RESPECT (PLUR) are the most revered principles of life. Embracing sustainability is the best way to be PLUR to the EARTH. That's what PLURTH is all about.

2019 was a whirlwind of a year for Monsoon and Kahu of PLURTHLINGS. They headlined the Seattle Hempfest waterfront summer music festival and also played an after party at the legendary trance venue, The Underground. During this time, they reached over 1 Million people on their social media accounts every month.

Later in the year, they released their debut EP, called "Colorado Techno" on their PLURTH record label imprint. The record pays tribute to their roots of funky tech house music and then dives deeper into their psychedelic techno influences. The song "Tech Yes!" from the EP won first place in the Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries #RAVEREVIVAL Producer Challenge on Splice.

In 2020 they released a brand new bass music album called "Karmalien" to showcase their prowess with riddim dubstep chopped up with soul and hip hop samples. They had the opportunity to premiere these tracks at Denver's own, BASS OPS while opening the night for ARIUS at Club Vinyl.

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Here's an exclusive private pool party DJ performance from August 2023:


Wear Your Favorite Song? Absolutely.


That's the question we asked ourselves when we founded our hybrid record label, rave fashion store, and online raver community, called PLURTH. Although we established our company in 2018, while living in Downtown Denver, we've been working together since 2010.

That summer we met through mutual friends on a road trip to EDC Los Angeles from Arizona State University in Tempe. 

We looked around and saw that raving was so much more than just the music ... It's a community, it's the rave outfits, it's the Kandi, it's the lasers and the lights ... but what does it all mean? What does it stand for? Where is it going?

That's when we both had an epiphany to combine music with fashion in order to fund sustainable projects ...

When we got back from EDC, we were inseparable, always making music and working on DJ mixes.

In 2012, we finally decided to work together as a duo, but it wasn't until 2016 when we went back to EDC's Las Vegas 20th anniversary festival. That's when we realized we wanted to be the champions for everyone from the hardcore ravers to the first-time festival goers and spread the PLUR as best we can to all EARTHLINGS. That's when we mutated into PLURTHLINGS.

What was our biggest challenge?

One of the toughest things that we needed to figure out was how to survive in the modern music industry, when streaming isn't enough to pay our bills. This is even more apparent when event ticket sales become jeopardized during global emergencies.

We came up with a system that allows our fans to "wear their favorite songs and albums" in order to support the music and artwork made for the release. Then at our shows, we can literally see what songs our fans want us to DJ next without them needing to make a request. When they order the physical merchandise they get a high-quality music file download immediately. These download and merch bundles are tracked through our store through Soundscan to the Billboard and Rolling Stones charts!

After 24 collective years in the music industry, we could probably write a book on all the challenges and pitfalls to avoid. That's why we created PLURTH.com to be a resource for creatives and artists that are involved in all the facets of the greater rave music scene to overcome these obstacles together. We strive to be the premiere platform for creatives to learn about building online community memberships and merchandise stores for Kajabi, Shopify, and Patreon.

Interested in knowing our full-story and all the details on how we invested over $2,000,000 of our own money into PLURTH? Then make sure to sign up for a FREE membership at PLURTH.com today.

Future Plans for PLURTH?

Our future goals include headlining our own Red Rocks show, playing the festival circuit, and producing fictional films for our music about ravers with supernatural powers as they save the planet.



Also make sure to check out our psychedelic techno and trance side project, LIGHT REACTIVE ...


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