"The meaning of life is a life with meaning."

Monsoon von Plurth
EDM Artist with PLURTHLINGS & Co-Founder of PLURTH

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Aloha! My Name is Monsoon ...

Music is my favorite thing in the whole world. The only thing I love more, is the Earth itself! Life's a gift on this planet that I'm very grateful for and I choose to spend my time creating Plurth on Earth! Please connect with me on sustainability, cannabis hemp, EDM festivals, or all around rave music culture!

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"Monsoon, Like the Storm"


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Weird Things People Ask Me

I get asked these questions all the time, haha ...

Nope. But he seems like a pretty cool dude. I get mistaken for him all the time. No, I'm also not Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, or Russell Brand. I went as MVP Steve Nash once on Halloween though.

Short answer ... I don't want to, so no, haha! I like sunglasses and there are so many reasons that I could write a whole book or at least a blog article about it. Maybe we'll film a video sometime. But yeah, I just really like wearing sunglasses around other people. Sure, it conflicts with the whole "look people in the eye obsession" ... but my obsession is different, I like wearing sunglasses at night and during the day too. I'm only comfortable with my very best friends and family seeing my eyes. It's like my Clark Kent in reverse :) 

I love making all types of dance music ... but how do you convey that to people? LOL ... because when you say EDM, people think you make Big Room house or super mainstream stuff, but I also love making techno and progressive trance. I am a huge bass head since the beginning of dubstep, but I also love Hardstyle and mostly Happy/UK Hardcore is my jam! My favorite genre though if I would have to choose would be the one that my buddy, Kahu and I invented for our group Plurthlings. We call it "Colorado Techno" and you can hear it really soon :) 

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My Favorite Festivals

Here are my top 3 music + arts festival choices of the ones that I've partied at.

My Music Festival Lineup

If I could choose my own lineup for a music festival from musicians, DJs, bands, and singers, living or dead, these are my choices.

My Favorite Entertainment

These are a selection of my most favorite inspirational artists, athletes, teams, celebrities, books, TV series, and movies across multiple genres and mediums. If I had my own Library of Alexandria, which also happens to have its own museum, theatre, gallery, and a cinema, these are the masterpieces that would fill its halls and the people that would be there with you to experience the topics firsthand with. After all, we're not here for a long time, only a good time :)

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