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Quote Me:

"Living my life, in my own way."

Hola! My Name's KAHU ...

My biggest passion in life is helping the people around me have more fun. Whether that means relaxing with my family at the beach, or rocking festival stages! It is such an honor to share energy with so many awesome beings. I choose to spend my time creating Plurth on Earth! Please connect with me on action sports, lifestyle topics, EDM events, or all around rave music culture!

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"Who is Wiva Kahu?"


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Weird Things People Ask Me:

I get asked these questions all the time, haha ...

I am Spanish and Native American. My family comes from Northern New Mexico and are the decedents of the Apache tribe.

Sure, I can ... LOL ... If you spend enough time around me you will eventually see me without them! 

My Favorite Artists:

These are a selection of my most inspirational artists across multiple genres and mediums. You can click on their photos to go to their website.


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