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Day 3 - Grant Cardone's #MillionDollarChallenge



All right, what's up? It is Saturday, Day 3

of the #MillionDollarChallenge that we're taking part of.

I got to focus in on the details of my game plan …

and use priority intelligence in order to decide ...

What are the most important tasks that I need to get done today,

tomorrow, and during this whole 90-day process.

I think that's one of the most important things to get done.

We started with our websites already finished and ready to rock.

But that didn't leave much time for me

to get the detailed game plan down.

So, that's what I'm going to be working on tonight.

Going to get that calendar filled up,

use my 10X Planner. Let's get it started.

So, one of the things I need to focus on inside of the details of that

game plan is one of the most important things

for every business,

which is budgeting. Whether you're a business

or you're just going on a trip ...

and traveling, budget is so important.

So I need to make sure that I have the budget

to get through this 90 days

and apply that to the million-dollar math that I went over on day one.

So I have a pizza being delivered as we speak.

That's a normal Saturday thing for me.

But one of the things I'm not doing tonight,

I'm not drinking beer with it,

because I gotta stay focused. I gotta get detailed

and in order to do budgeting and any sort of math can't have any beer.

That's what I'm realizing for this 90 Day Challenge.

I'm definitely going to have to make

some sacrifices in order to put my time, effort,

and things that are a priority,

the priority intelligence. I think it's a really smart thing.

And I learned that in the 10X Workshop.

It goes over to 10X Business plan of how Grant pulled this off.

One of the important things I learned from Elaine Culotti,

which is one of the other contestants on Undercover Billionaire,

is that, I need to be really resourceful

when it comes to “traunches” as she calls them.

And what a traunch is, basically a revenue source,

a cash flow. And so she set up multiple cash flows to diversify

her income and her 90 days

in order to hit the million dollar mark on her project.

So I'm going to be looking at that.

I'm going to be looking at our budget.

Looking at the million dollar math,

and I'm going to apply it together

to create the game plan that's going to be successful.

Because now I got some idea on the data on the

click-through rates (CTR) on the cost per click (CPC)

and things like that.

So I can kind of determine how many

people we need to reach to make this a reality.

And then ultimately tomorrow we got a big day …

We’re filming an event for a client of ours and it's going to be a lot of fun.

So stay tuned for day 4.

On the 90-day million-dollar challenge … PLURTH Edition.

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